Love Hurts

Dear B.

Do you know you are my world?  My moods rise and fall to the beat of your drum… Through distance, time, and the years… ten years in fact… you have been the beat that keeps me moving forward.

And some days it hurts.  Like when you forget ME.  When you don’t make time for ME.  To you, I’m sure you didn’t even remember.  What should I expect after ten years and only one time you have remembered?  But each year, I hold onto hope.  I hold onto promise.

When you forget what is important to me, you  aren’t forgetting an event, you are forgetting ME.  The tears slide down my cheeks again because my heart is crushed.  My soul is raw.  No matter how many walls I try to build, you are already on the inside… and you destroy me in a matter of minutes.

And it hurts.  OH how it hurts.  The saddest part, is that if don’t remember it can only mean I am not important enough to you.

Oh, how I cry out to move on… to move away… to escape the pain.  How I cry out again to hold on, to hold you close, to embrace the bliss.

Why must I love you so?  Why can I just not let go?  Why must my one true love be a heart wrenching roller coaster?

I love you B…. but love isn’t always enough…. 😦



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