Welcome Home

Dear B,

I’m thinking of you.

A new year, and for you its a lot of letting go.  Saying goodbye to your old way of life, and saying hello to a new one.  Its always sad when we have to let go and trust that everything will be ok.  When someone we love is going to be many miles away.

I haven’t chatted with you for over a month, but as you fly out of where you are today, know you are in my thoughts.  You are in my mind.

And when you leave your home, to come back to your other home….I will be here.  In the wings.  I will support you, I will be your best friend, you can come sit with me.  I will love you..through my lenses, from far away.. but I will give you everything you need to adjust, because love will always find a way.

I love you B.  Welcome home.





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