B. My Hero


This is you B.

My hero.

My safe place.

My escape.

My rock.

My supporter.

My friend.

My lover.

My hiding place.

Oh to feel your arms around me once again.

To feel as though nothing and no one can ever hurt me.

To feel your heart beat against mine.

To feel your hands on my body.

I wonder – will there ever come a time when I don’t swoon at your voice?  Where I don’t respond physically to every letter you type?  Will there ever be a time where I realise that I lovED you instead of loving you still?

It’s always you B.  For almost ten years, it’s always been about you.  My love grows stronger, more solid.  Deeper. And still I stand in awe.  And still I get nervous.  And still I have butterflies in my stomach.

I may die loving you…. and I will have no regrets.

Its about you B, because I love you.




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