8 years….

Tomorrow marks 8 years since my mother died.  I miss her, I do…. But even that reminds me of you.

We were meant to meet up that night.  We were supposed to make out.  We were supposed to talk.

Oh we did..  It just ended up being put off by a week.  And it was beautiful.  You were beautiful.  I was so nervous.  And you held me and placed your lips on mine as you laid me on that bed and brought years of longing into that first kiss.

It was three hours before you had to leave. And now, even now… My hurt over my mommas death is dulled because of the wonderful memories the week later.

You whispered words that touched my soul.  I drank in the sight of the only man I have ever been able to trust with my heart.   Those moments were more precious than I can ever put into words, more special than my tongue can tell and more beautiful than I could ever behold.

I love you B. Still now.  Every day. I first fell in love with your voice and then I fell in love with your soul. No one can replace you.  No one can bring me such joy or such heartache.

I move on without you.  Yet every moment, every memory, brings me back to you.

It’s always about you B.

I love you.