My Beating Heart


My beating heart calls out…asking if you are near?  My mind whispers in the wind to you, always good thoughts… thoughts of welcome, thoughts of home.

You touched a piece of me that is now captivated… by your touch, by your lips, by your strength.

My beating heart calls out to you…. it begs you to hear.  Like windswept waves, it tries to carry far enough to touch you… but you, you are just out of its grasp.

And so, my beating heart slows as it shreds once again… for you are there, yet so unreachable… when you are reachable, you are unattainable…

At every turn, reminders of you…. reminders of yesterdays, yet no tomorrows…. reminders of words whispered, of love like no other….

Reminders of loss….

My beating heart keeps bleeding even when I will it not to…

You are all around me… my soul feels you in every breath…

I ache.  For you B.  My soul aches with every beat.

If I could have you back for just one more day… would it ever be enough?

I love you B.  Its always about you.  My heart beats because you whispered to its depths.





A moment

I close my eyes and I am there…
In that room…
You holding me, safe, relaxed,
the best me I can ever be.

Take me back there.
Take me to that time.
Where love was true, and honest and raw.
Take me back to you,
In that moment, my life was perfect.

I love you B.